The Atlassian Verified dashboard

I created a dashboard for add-on vendors using Atlassian User Interface, or AUI. I coded high-fidelity mockups, and solicited feedback from designers and developers.

This dashboard conveys vendor status in relationship to Verified program benchmarks. Atlassian Verified vendors uphold Atlassian standards for add-on support, Marketplace traction, and product compatibility.



Not pictured here are tooltips for each field that describe the requirements in more detail, so vendors have context and information without needing to leave the page.

The dashboard

Lessons Learned

The dashboard has been a success. I’ve implemented changes in dashboard design, email notifications, and documentation in response to direct feedback from support and vendors. In retrospect, I should have initiated this feedback loop earlier on.

Quantitative assessments have been difficult to make since vendors are a relatively small group with specialized use cases. Metrics don’t make a strong case for responsive design and this dashboard isn’t optimized for mobile, but I’d like to explore this in the future.

Things I would have done differently: