Simplifying the footer

In a prior project, I assessed the Atlassian marketing site’s footer with two other designers. We organized topics in a spike for our internal hackathon as part of a larger project. My team proposed a footer change that eliminated non-essential information. With this background, I decided to evaluate the Marketplace’s footer to see how we could simplify information.

Marketplace footer before

The old footer

Problems to solve

At the time of implementation, the Marketplace footer was copied directly from the marketing site. Here’s what I discovered, excluding numbers I pulled from Google Analytics:

My design & implementation

The new footer

I iterated several times on my design, each time diminishing the number of links in the footer. I worked collaboratively with a team of developers to assess the value and importance of links, and made changes accordingly.

Following my team’s development practices, I raised a pull request to implement the changes and merge to master. Now, our simple footer omits unnecessary links and columns. We only link to the bare essentials, and have seen other Atlassian sites trend toward simplicity.

Lessons learned

If I could do things differently: